Varsity Is Now Unlimited

With a focus on player safety, Pop Warner, the nation’s top youth football organization, has fine-tuned an age/weight matrix over the years to ensure that teams playing against each other are of similar age and size.  Each division has both an age range and a weight range that players must fall within. For an upcoming season, a player’s age on July 31st is his/her age for the entire season.  To accommodate a child’s growth throughout the year, a player may gain one pound after weeks two, four, six and eight, up to a maximum of four pounds for the regular season.

A change adopted by the Orange Empire Conference for the 2018 season, is that Varsity will now become “Unlimited”.  The Unlimited division is for 12-, 13- and 14-year-olds who weigh more than 105 pounds. No 15-year-olds are allowed in the Unlimited division.  This change further helps prepare the older players for high school where player weight limits restrictions do not apply.

All players will be required to play in the lowest division possible based on age and weight for the safety of all players involved.

Please refer to the age/weight matrix provided in the Football – Division of Play tab.

Congratulations to the 2018 Orange Empire Conference Fred Bennett Coach of the Year Jennifer Rector  and Brett Bjorkman, and to 2018 Orange Empire Conference Volunteer of the Year Erica Brunson! This is the first time our volunteers have been honored by the OEC for their long term commitment to the youth in our community by demonstrating high level effort in their roles. Congratulations!

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