Coaches’ Corner

Coaches: The following links contain information and forms that you and your volunteers will need for the 2019 season.

Administrative Rules


The Orange Empire Conference is a Pop Warner Little Scholars organization providing Football, Cheerleading, and Scholastic programs for boys and girls from ages 5 to 15 through its various member Associations since February 24, 1986.  Tackle football and associated cheerleading programs are provided in all of our 29 member Associations. In addition, flag football programs are currently provided in 20 of the Associations.  There are seven separate tackle football divisions.  Each year OEC serves approximately 24,000 people in over 260 teams.

The Orange Empire Conference is a California non-profit public benefit corporation, operated on a day-to-day basis by an elected Commissioner, Bobby Espinosa, assisted by various other  elected officers. A Board made up of Commissioners and the Presidents of the 29 member Associations establishes the rules and policies for the Conference.

The Orange Empire Conference is one of 15 Conferences in what is known as the WESCON region. The WESCON region is one of 8 National regions, and includes Conferences in Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii, as well as other Conferences in Southern California.

The Conference boundaries include all of Orange County and much of Los Angeles County.

Players and Cheerleaders residing within the boundaries of an existing Association must participate with that Association, unless they obtain a waiver from the Association prior to registration.  Players and Cheerleaders, who reside outside the boundaries of an existing Association, are free to participate with the Association of their choice.

OEC Administrative Rulebook

OEC Bylaws

Coaches’ Risk Management Manual

Coaches’ Agreement

2017 Pop Warner Rule Book

2016 Weigh Master Handbook

2017 OEC Calendar of Events

2017 Regional Division Request Form

2016 Out of Conference Waiver

Event Request Form

Head Coach, Team Parent or Board Member must complete this request from for every event other than the League/Region/National Playoff/Competition System. Permission to participate in an event (i.e., tournament, bowl game, competition, parade, NFL half-time participation, etc.) is granted only if it is in writing, in advance and approved by the League, Region and Pop Warner National Office. An event must follow Pop Warner guidelines as listed:

A Pop Warner League may apply for its association team(s)/squad(s) to participate in an event sponsored by a Pop Warner organization, a group of Pop Warner Leagues or a Pop Warner Bowl/Festival, which occurs during the accepted Pop Warner season and follows all Pop Warner safety guidelines. A Pop Warner League may apply for an event sponsored by a Non-Pop Warner organization if it follows all Pop Warner safety rules and occurs during the accepted Pop Warner season. In the case of competition for Pop Warner Football teams, the Pop Warner Age/Weight Schematic and all rules in the Official Pop Warner Rule book must be followed.

Please email your request to at least two weeks prior to the event.

Event Request Form

Injury and Insurance Forms

Injury Reports

An injury report form needs to be completed anytime a player is injured  during a SCYF function, practice or game. Injury report forms must be turned in to the Athletic Director to League President within 72 hours of the injury.

It is REQUIRED that a  player get a signed medical note indicating that “It is safe for this player to return to playing <Flag Football>, <Tackle Football> or <Cheerleading>. Prior to coming back on the field.  Notes can be submitted the Head Coach and a Board Member.  

2018 Injury Report

2018 OEC Concussion Return To Play Protocol

Insurance Claim

Insurance paperwork should be completed when a player has sought the attentional of a doctor and medical bills were incurred.

Claim form and Instructions for filing an insurance claim – The parents complete the insurance form when a player is injured  during a SCYF function, practice or game. Forms can be turned in to any Board Member who will then send them up to Becky <> at the OEC.

Insurance Claim Instructions

Insurance Claim Form

2019 Volunteer Information


1.) Complete and turn-in to the Board of Directors the 2019 Pop Warner Volunteer Application prior to the season starting.

2.) Complete the FREE online KidSafePlus® Coach & Volunteer Background Check. (Code will be provided once your name is added to the roster. )

3.) Complete the FREE online Heads Up Concussion Training.

4.) Head Coach  & 5 Assistants must Complete USA Football Training. 

Rostered Staff Includes:

1 – Head Coach
5  – Assistant Coaches
1 – Team Parent
1 – Equipment Manager
1 – Team Manager/Player Agent
1 – Team Trainer

If you have non-rostered person such as photographer or videographer that you want on the field we can have them complete the background check as well so we can give them an ID.

2019 Volunteer Application